Thursday, June 23, 2016

Donald Trump Just Announced A Lot of Skin in the Game: Forgives Loan to Campaign

Donald Trump Forgives $50 Million in Campaign Loans
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers a speech about his vision for foreign policy at the Mayflower Hotel April 27, 2016 in Washington, DC.
Donald Trump has forgiven $50 million in loans he made to his campaign, according to his staff.
“[Trump] loaned $50 million to the campaign. He’s now forgiven that loan. So that is a contribution,” Steve Mnuchin, Trump’s campaign finance chairman, told CNBC Thursday. “[Trump] has also said he will contribute significantly more money.”
The announcement comes as Trump’s fundraising efforts are escalating towards the general election. On Tuesday, in light of May fundraising numbers showing him significantly behind Hillary Clinton, Trump put out a statement saying, “If need be, there could be unlimited ‘cash on hand’ as I would put up my own money, as I have already done through the primaries.”