Thursday, June 2, 2016

BRACE YOURSELVES! by Michael Connelly

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by Michael Connelly
The latest Obama violation of the Constitution came as no surprise to me. After all, he has a history of violating the Constitutional requirement that he enforce the laws passed by Congress. He has no authority to enact laws on his own, amend existing laws, or decide not to enforce certain laws. Obama has done all of these things and continues to do so with his latest Executive order requiring all school districts in the United States to open bathrooms, locker rooms, and even showers to boys or girls who choose to reject the gender of their birth and become members of the opposite sex, even for just a day or a few hours.
            The Constitution does not give the President of the United States any authority over local school districts, or for that matter, bathrooms, locker rooms, or shower facilities anywhere. Yet, that has not been a deterrent to Obama; particularly since the Republican controlled Congress has done virtually nothing to challenge his abuses of power. It might be easy to dismiss this latest Obama abomination as just another action by a President that is obsessed with sex. Since he was elected he has been relentlessly pushing the LGBT agenda, in the military, and in civil society, including the schools. In the process, he has shown his willingness to destroy the effectiveness of the U.S. military, dismantle freedom of religion and freedom of speech, and punish states that don’t embrace his agenda.
            Yet, I am afraid that the latest Obama move is indicative of something even more dangerous on the horizon. I believe Obama is going into a panic mode. There are several things even more important to this dictatorial President than protecting his LGBT constituents. These include seeing the final destruction of the Constitutional Republic that is the USA, and cementing his own legacy as the architect of that destruction.
            He has been highly successful in many ways, using illegal and unconstitutional executive orders to push his gun control and climate control agendas, as well as opening our borders to illegal aliens, releasing thousands of dangerous criminals onto our streets, leading an all-out assault on local police officers, and dividing our nation along racial, ethic, and class lines, He has also reduced out military to its lowest level of effectiveness since prior to WW II, sent our troops into battle with rules of engagement designed to protect the enemy, and get our people killed, and entered into treasonous treaties with our enemies.
            This path of destruction was supposed to continue unabated by the election of Obama’s anointed successor, Hillary Clinton to the Presidency. After all, he allowed Hillary to use her position as Secretary of State to amass a fortune in illegal donations from foreign governments, and Obama has protected her from prosecution. He owns the Clintons, whose greed and arrogance is insatiable. He knows that this would continue to be the primary goal of her presidency and she would do what she was told by Obama and that means continue to push his agenda.
            Yet now things appear to have changed dramatically, because the American people are not following the Obama plan. They are fed up with being lied to and ignored by the people in control of the federal government, and that includes those elected for the specific purpose of stopping the runaway Obama train. Hillary is being challenged by an old socialist senator who has professed his love for the former Soviet Union and other failed dictatorships. He won’t be allowed to win the nomination by the Democratic Party establishment, but many of his followers already feel betrayed by the party and may not come out to vote for Hillary in the general election.
            These followers are often young people who have been taught nothing about American history, what is in the Constitution, and what socialism really is. This is the outcome of the deliberate effort over many decades of the progressives who control the education system to dumb down the children of our country so they will eagerly accept become slaves on the federal plantation. Yet, much to the dismay of Obama and Hillary, these people are not falling into line with the plan devised for them.
            On the Republican side there has also been a revolt against the establishment. Republican voters rallied in 2010 to put Republicans in control of the House of Representatives and then in 2014 to take control of the Senate. Yet, they feel betrayed by the congressional leadership that has continued to cave in to the Obama agenda, including the Iranian treaty. So they are in the process of giving an outsider the Republican Presidential nomination and there is a real possibility that Donald Trump will win the election, and that Republicans will
            The bottom line is that Obama’s plan for a third term by proxy is in grave danger. Therefore he has two choices, to continue to use illegal Executive orders over the next few months to continue to destroy the constitutional protections of free speech, freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms, and the right to due process. He will also continue to destroy the U.S, free market economy, and hope that ultimately Hillary will win the election. Of course, this plan will also entail doing everything possible to steal the election.
            That is plan A, but I suspect there is also a plan B and it is even more dangerous than the other plan. If Obama becomes convinced that Trump will win and as President undo much of what Obama did illegally, he is capable of unleashing the dogs of war by encouraging his radical allies like the Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, the communist party, and others to launch all out assaults on the Republican National convention in Cleveland . This would include riots, physical attacks on delegates and the police, and wholesale destruction of property.
            The same could then happen a few days later at the Democratic National convention in Philadelphia. In the mind of a someone who already considers himself a dictator this would justify a declaration of martial law, allowing Obama to suspend elections indefinitely, take personal control of the distribution of food, water, fuel, transportation, and medical care, and maintain his Presidency.
            I am aware this sounds like a classic conspiracy theory, and I have never been someone who believed in most such theories, but unfortunately the scenario is not unique, it has occurred throughout history including in Nazi Germany, where Adolph Hitler moved to disarm the German people, beginning with the military veterans, purged the military of officers loyal to Germany instead of him personally, and doing away with individual freedoms.
            I hope I am wrong and this second scenario will not happen, but I am convinced that the first one is already occurring. Obama is going to use Executive orders and actions over the next few months to try and dismantle our republic and cause complete chaos in the country we love. We must prepare ourselves to resist.
Michael Connelly