Monday, June 20, 2016

BLUE MOUNTAIN GROUP by Michael Connelly

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Michael Connelly
My recent article on the G4S Security firm and its connection to the Orlando Shooter and the Department of Homeland Security has generated a tremendous response. Many people have asked if the G4S Company was involved with providing security for our consulate in Benghazi when it was attacked on September 11, 2012 and four brave Americans were murdered.
          The firm in charge of security at Benghazi was the Blue Mountain Group, and I have not uncovered any relationship between it and G4S other than the fact that the G4S headquarters is in England and Blue Mountain is in Wales. However, what occurred with Blue Mountain makes its employment by Hillary Clinton and the State Department just as much of a scandal as that involving G4S.
          Much of this information was reported by the Reuters News service in October of 2012, but it accepted the State Department’s explanation as to the reason for hiring the Blue Mountain Group. The department claimed that federal law required it to accept the lowest bidder for all contracts, however, I don’t buy this explanation and based on my research have reached a different and far more insidious explanation.
          According to the Reuters article Blue Mountain employed local Libyans as security guards that went through no real background checks and were poorly trained. They were not allowed to carry firearms, and were told that they had to patrol the compound with flashlights and batons. They were also instructed that if they detected an impending threat to the consulate they were to radio that in and then runaway and hide.
          In fact, I have found no records that prove that Blue Mountain Group was hired for Benghazi security because it was the low bidder. There were many other security firms that had very good reputations, provided armed guards, and were providing adequate security to U.S. Embassies and other facilities around the world. Yet, it appears that none of them were offered the Benghazi contract.
          I believe that based on my research Blue Mountain Group was hired because it was the only company to agree to Hillary Clinton’s demand that the firm provide guards who were not carrying firearms in what was clearly a dangerous area of the world. This makes no sense. Was it some form of insane political correctness that caused the Secretary of State to prohibit consular security from having armed guards that may have been able to save the lives of Americans who were working for our country and Hillary Clinton?
          Unfortunately, there is more to this story. It is clear that the Benghazi attack was well planned and organized, and that the attackers knew when Ambassador Chris Stevens was going to be in Benghazi, where he would be in the compound, and what type of security would be protecting him. I can only identify two possible sources that could have provided this information. First is that one or more of the security employees hired by Blue Mountain gave the information to the terrorists that launched the attack. There had already been one previous incident involving the local security guards. Two of them were suspected of actually throwing a firebomb into the compound. One was fired, but the other stayed on the payroll.
          The other possible source of the breach of security is the private server illegally maintained by Clinton. Several emails have been uncovered that detailed the itinerary and movements of Ambassador Chris Stevens prior to the day of the attack. Whether it was the betrayal of a Libyan security guard, or a hacking of the email server, it occurred under Hillary Clinton’s watch. At best she is guilty of gross negligence, and violation of federal laws regarding private email servers, so who else has been put at risk? Now she wants to be our President!
Michael Connelly