Friday, June 24, 2016

Ann Wallack Drops out of Phoenix Council Race

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By Jon Altmann

Tuesday, Phoenix City Council Candidate Ann Wallack dropped out of the November City Council race. Wallack was one of two female candidates in the race - the other being the new interim council member, Debra Stark.  Wallack is a past Maricopa County Democratic Party chairwoman and it widely regarded as a strong grass roots campaign organizer.  She stated on Facebook that Stark's appointment "had made my campaign politically unfeasible."

Councilman Jim Waring does not like the process of picking an incumbent.  "In this process, no citizen of District 3 was eligible to vote for their new councilwoman.  This is taxation without participation… The council shouldn't choose its own members.  The process should be changed," Waring said in The Arizona Republic's June 22nd Community News/Soundoff.

Stark is now the sole female in the race with four other male contestants, giving her some possible advantage with women voters.  The fund raising demand for any council candidate is expected to exceed more than $100,000 and most likely may end up being the city's most expensive district election yet.  Because the district has more than 180,00 voters to reach, effective mailing to create name ID is going to be costly.  No one candidate has significant identity with the voters.  Also in the race are Dan Carroll, Jim Mapstead and Charles Hargrave.

No campaign finance reports are due to be filed until the August 19-26 filing period, so genuine fund raising strength won't be known for more than two months.

Chris De Rose is the lone Republican in the race, endorsed by Council members Jim Waring and Sal DiCiccio, along with County Attorney Bill Montgomery.   DeRose's website is
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