Wednesday, May 25, 2016

To Have or Have Not Children by Dr Ada M Fisher

Unplanned Parenthood
Dr Ada M Fisher
Dan Brown’s novel “The Inferno” is a take on Dante’s work of the same title.  In it, he posits a global conspiracy or in the case of the last episode of television’s X-file, to not only control births but force contraception on all without their knowledge or without any regard for their personal wishes. 

The move to Defund Planned Parenthood from tax payer’s dollars is as it should be.   The 1965 US Supreme Court held in Griswold vs. Connecticut a right to marital privacy in contraception which guaranteed couples the right to privacy in their choices of contraception or birth control.  The freedom in this choice should be upheld but the cost should not be borne by the US taxpayers for when someone else pays the bill it too easily can obliterate any privacy barriers.  A personal choice should place the burden on the individual not society.

Abortion is not birth control except in China.  The use of such for sex selection in patriarchal societies is one that all, particularly women, should find reprehensible.  The selling of fetal parts or their use in research is not an unexpected phenomena particularly in medical schools which teach obstetrics, the National Institute of Health, pharmaceutical companies or in any pursuit which seeks to develop human products.  From this type of research vaccines, new drugs and untold human applications have come forth.

Today more than 50% of children are born out of wedlock and few people headed for the altar have not consummated their relationship beforehand.  The number of children born in a marriage before nine months include the likes of Ronald and Nancy Reagan yet they were given a pass while too many others have been looked upon with disdain.

The issue is do we want children?  How do we want them born?  Who should have them? Who determines what a family is?  Who pays for the cost of children, families, food, shelter and child care born to those denied birth control?  Will a child become only the province of the financially able?  Does a village have to pay for and raise a child?

If people do not want to bear the responsibility for any progeny they may conceive or adopt, is it right to pass this off to society?  Abstention sounds great but the ability of people to defer gratification in all spectrums of life including sex is increasingly lost. As our population of young decreased worldwide, the increased cry was for immigrants as a filler of this void with unanticipated results. Our demography is changing which is unsettling to some and uncomfortable for others.  Our children are our life’s blood.  But the choice to have children must remain a personal decision for which those making the choice must be responsible.
Dr. Ada M. Fisher is a PHYSICIAN, licensed teacher , previously elected school board member, former medical director in a fortune 500 company, AUTHOR, gifted Public Speaker and THE nc rEPUBLICAN nATIONAL cOMMITTEEWOMAN. Contact her at P. O. Box 777; Salisbury, NC 28145;DrFisher@DrAdaMFisher.COM. [Her book, Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions Solutions for What AIls Us, Book I IS available through