Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Not the primary reason by Dr Ada M Fisher

Not Used for Purposes Intended
Dr Ada M Fisher

Cleaning through mounds of papers, I uncovered many unused cashier’s checks which were over six months old.  If you take them to the issuing institution, funds should be made available simply by endorsing them Not Used for Purposes Intended and signing your name under that.  But no, institutions may be found issuing a service charge of $50 and a depreciation fee though they are collecting interest on the unused monies.  This is usury plain and simple.

A few months back I was finally diagnosed with some type of unspecified mixed connective tissue disorder which for twenty years has given me painful joints.  As the pain increased making ambulation and mobility difficult, I was ready to try anything legal for relief.  So Plaquenil, a drug originally used to treat malaria was recommended keeping in mind that it could make one pain free but a side effect is possible blindness.  What a choice—pain free with blindness or pain while seeing.

Sitting in a medical school early pharmacology course, they discussed Nitrogen Mustard which was a “nerve gas” used in wars.  But then it was revealed that with a slight change in its chemical composition, Methotrexate, which is a powerful anti-tumor and autoimmune drug, is derived.   Effersylium (Metamusil) which is helpful with constipation and irritable bowel syndrome has a cholesterol lowering effect which may be safer for some than statins.  Aspirin in managed doses fights fevers, joint pain and thins the blood while possibly having an anticancer benefit. 

In medicine so many drugs and procedures may have beneficial side effects which weren’t their intended action.  The reverse may be also be true.

In politics many seemingly painful policy decisions are benefitting folks, e.g. decreasing sales and corporate taxes has increased economic growth; school choice decreasing the warehousing of those at risk but possibly at the expense of public education; and highway funds as with social security contributions diverted to entitlements while infrastructure suffers, water is increasingly contaminated and the future of pensions remains questionable.

Religion through the rise of ISL has made us less tolerant of other people’s views.  The cause of free speech has suffered mightily as suppression of the right to act or speak according to ones beliefs is held hostage to “PC” speak. 

The US Constitution is being tortured into being all things for all people thereby losing its focus from the intent of our founders to bind our nation under rules of conduct, justice, citizen’s rights, and separation of powers of the states and federal government.  When a socialist runs for president and folks think this veering away from democracy is okay or the ability for anyone to capture the American dream as President when not born in the nation or a run for office is driven by money thereby denying the average person this opportunity, one appreciates that our capitalist Republic is not being used for purposes intended and the side effects with a tax burden/national debt exceeding 20 trillion dollars becomes increasingly malignant.
Dr. Ada M. Fisher is a PHYSICIAN, licensed teacher , previously elected school board member, former medical director in a fortune 500 company, AUTHOR, gifted Public Speaker and THE nc rEPUBLICAN nATIONAL cOMMITTEEWOMAN. Contact her at P. O. Box 777; Salisbury, NC 28145;DrFisher@DrAdaMFisher.COM. [Her book, Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions Solutions for What AIls Us, Book I IS available through