Monday, May 9, 2016

NC Republican National Committeewoman Reelected

Greensboro, NC – Dr. Ada M. Fisher, the current NC Republican National Committeewoman was elected to her third term in that role in a squeaker by 3 votes.  
Mrs. Marilyn Chu, Chairwoman of the Moore County Tea Party group received 326 votes to 329 for Fisher.  Taking on an onslaught of emails and misinformation about her health, her life and her votes, Fisher noted that she is black, fat, a Republican, Jewish, single, mother of two adopted sons and so much more.  She stated she only missed one meeting because of her health on January 23, 2016 when she faced a paralyzing stroke of her way to a RNC winter meeting and was treated at Duke which released her within 5 days.                                                                    

Fisher noted that when she learned the vote of the NC Primary which gave Donald John Trump this state, she has pulled out all stops for Mr. Trump and has wholeheartedly pledged to vote for him on the first ballot and any subsequent ballots because this reflects the will of the Republican NC Voters.  As a member of the RNC Rules Committee, Dr. Fisher advised that those who did not vote in accordance with their state party’s policies could be unseated.                                                                                                                          

With a smile, Dr. Fisher noted that she found amusing the number of people now talking about how people were going to reach out to minorities, different ethnicities and various others to bring them into the party stating she was “anti-status quo before such was cool.” Providing each member of the convention a copy of her booklet I am a Republican which in large measure tells the unknown and unappreciated story of North Carolina African American Republicans and “Pachynews” which details information for kids of all ages on elephants, Fisher dared state that she has done more than others to accommodate and include people from all backgrounds including the Tea Party, Libertarians, Constitutionalist, Blacks, and the young.  

As the NC Republican National Committeewoman, Dr. Ada M. Fisher will be an automatic delegate to this year’s RNC Presidential Convention in Cleveland, Ohio July 18-21, 2016.  In 2017 the Republican Party faces the likely need for a new Chairman as Reince Priebus previously noted he was not running again.  Fisher will add some experience and stability to both the national and state parties which are undergoing some transitions.