Monday, May 2, 2016

Arizona-The Waiting Game for State Budget

The state budget has become a waiting game this year, but the process remains unnecessarily closed off. So far, backroom meetings and committee hearings that start late at night and go into the early hours of the morning are par for the course.

Although a few details have trickled out, Arizonans continue to wait…and wait for answers from Republican leadership about the deals they are striking behind closed doors. Long delays have not encouraged Republicans to be more transparent. But House Democrats are still pushing for your priorities—like restoring funding cuts to K-12 education so that we can get more money into classrooms. The budget proposal on the table now would actually cut $21 million from public schools. We want to invest $116 million into our schools for classroom resources, right now, as a real second step to Prop 123. And we’re working to make sure KidsCare is restored, so that 30,000 children in working families can have access to affordable healthcare.

Regardless of how long it takes, House Democrats will continue to be your voice at the Capitol. But we need to hear from you throughout the process. Please share your opinions and ideas. Get involved and #BeHeard