Tuesday, May 10, 2016


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1. Prop 123 rewards state lawmakers who violated the state constitution and encourages them to keep doing so.
2. Defeat of Prop 123 would allow our courts to hold our lawmakers accountable and force our lawmakers to fund our schools without any strings attached.
3. Prop 123 has our state land trust stand in for the General Fund so that corporate  giveaways and income tax cuts can take place on the backs of our kids.
4. Prop 123 only partially restores the base level for our schools, shorting them by at least $1 billion dollars over the next ten years.
5. Prop 123 keeps our schools in financial limbo each year, as hundreds of millions of dollars hang in the balance anytime the economy slows.
6. Prop 123 punishes our schools if we ever move closer to funding our schools like most states in the country do.
7. Passage of Prop 123 will wrongly convince Arizona voters that our school funding issue has "been taken care of" and lead them to vote against things like school bond overrides and a continuation of sales tax money for our schools.
For more information on these points and reasons to oppose Prop 123 click on "Why Oppose 123?". To see an alternative plan to Prop 123, click on "A Plan B". 
Common Arguments for Prop 123
But if Prop 123 is defeated the lawsuit goes back to court and schools may not get base levels fully restored.
Highly unlikely. A Superior Court judge, 3 Court of Appeals judges, and all 5 State Supreme Court Justices ruled our lawmakers need to abide by the constitution and move the base level to what it should be. Four of those same 5 Justices are still on the Court and will uphold Prop 301 and the Voter Protection Act, which requires a full restoration.
Our schools desperately need this money and there is no other way they can get it.
There is a way and it funds our schools the right way. Our state currently has over $500 million in unexpected revenue. Also, corporate tax cuts set to go into effect this year can be stopped returning a projected $1 billion to our General Fund. Last, a financially smart change to our state land trust distribution can be sent down to voters that would give an added boost to school funding. The way to fund our schools the right way is possible. We just have to be brave enough to demand it. Check out "Plan B" for more details.
Voting 'yes' sends a strong message of support for education to our legislature.

We already sent that message. We voted for Proposition 301 and demanded that the legislature prioritize education funding.  Today, in 2016, we live in a world of Facebook, Twitter, email, text, Instagram, YouTube, Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, BBM, and WhatsApp. We have never been able to communicate with our legislators as quickly or as simply. We don't need to vote for a proposition that limits future spending and busts the land trust in order to send a message.