Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Trump Needs 479 More Delegates to Be The Presumptive GOP Nominee

Team Trump winning 44 counties in the state, and Team Cruz winning 24 counties in the state.  [*There was one tie] Good work to both camapins staff and volunteers.
wisconsin map county
Before Wisconsin Delegate race was:
§     Donald Trump 752 delegates
§     Ted Cruz 469 delegates
§     Trump ahead by 283 delegates
After Wisconsin Team Cruz won 36 and Team Trump won 6
·     Donald Trump 758 delegates
§     Ted Cruz 505 delegates
§     Trump ahead by 253 delegates
There are 769 Delegates remaining in the upcoming primary states.  In order to get to the magic number of 1237:
§     Donald Trump needs 479 to clinch. (758 current + 479 need = 1237 goal)
§     Ted Cruz needs 732 to clinch.  (505 current + 732 need = 1237 goal).
There are only 769 Delegates remaining.
The Next Contest is New York on Tuesday April 19th with a whopping 95 delegates (winner take all if single candidate 50% +1 vote).
If Donald Trump can win New York (all CD’s) with 50% of the vote, it will mean:
 A) Trump will lead with 853 delegates (only needing 384 of the remaining 674)
 B) Ted Cruz will be mathematically knocked out of the race to 1,237.  Cruz would still need 732 and there are only 674 remaining after New York.
So you can see how New York is infinitely more important than Wisconsin was.