Friday, April 8, 2016

Travis County Texas Republican Chairman Talks About Bush Crime Family

Whew! Rob Morrow gets raunchy, but tells it like it is. Be warned. Adult language. SALTY adult language used to describe the Bush family, the Clintons, and others. Tells Texas political secrets.
WATCH VIDEORaised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Morrow says he had a peaceful childhood. His middle-class family ascended to the upper class as his father, a real estate developer, gained success. A high school basketball star, he declined athletic scholarships at various colleges for a chance to attend Princeton University, where he majored in history in 1987. At the time he considered himself a liberal and caught the political bug when he helped his mother win a seat on the Alabama State Democratic Executive Committee (a post his grandfather had previously held). Morrow received an M.B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin in 1990, taking time off to campaign for presidential Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis in 1988. After a four-year stint working back home at the family business, Morrow returned to Austin, dabbling in day trading and real estate before settling on being a self-employed investor. Declining to expound on what that job entails, Morrow leaves it at having “assets and income.” (“I’m not coy, I’m just not commenting on personal finances. People have their reasons,” he says guardedly.)
While he voted for George W. Bush, both when Bush was running for governor of Texas and for president (a decision Morrow now emphatically regrets), he says he’s a “small-L” Libertarian at his core, who supports Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Applauds Trump for going after Jeb Bush. (He says Bernie Sanders is a “coward” and a “loser” for not attacking the “Hillary Clinton crime family.”) His political priorities include free speech, low taxes, and lax gun laws: “I think the ATF should be a corner convenience store where you buy your alcohol, tobacco, and firearms,” he says. Less vehement about the social issues, Morrow is pro-choice and against same-sex marriage. When asked about immigration, his trademark lewdness creeps up: We should build a wall to “keep all the sexy Mexican Latinas inside the U.S.”