Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Democrat Platform by Michael Connelly

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by Michael Connelly
As the 2016 election process unfolds there are two candidates vying to be the nominee for President in the Democratic Party this fall. One is a 74 year old socialist fan of the former Soviet Union who espouses that America adopt a form of government that has failed in every country that has adopted it in the past 100 years. The other candidate is a career criminal who is incapable of telling the truth. Yet, both of them are campaigning on basically the same theme that has been pushed by Barrack Hussein Obama, the liberal media, and the leftist elitists in Washington D.C. and Hollywood.
          Polls consistently show that the top priorities for most American’s are to have a sound free market economy, protect our people from Islamic terrorism, protect American jobs by securing our borders, and protecting our Constitutional rights.
          After listening to the Democratic candidates I have come up with my view of what is the 2016 Democratic Party Platform that embodies the party’s priorities for America:
1.    Destroy the Second Amendment right under the Constitution to keep and bear arms, beginning with the disarming of the 23,000,000 American military veterans.
2.    Destroy the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, and replace it with Orwellian concepts of political correctness that essentially means that free speech only exists for those that agree with left wing ideology.
3.    Support the LGBT community by denying the right of Christians who disagree with things like gay marriage to exercise their freedom to object because of their religious beliefs.
4.    Support transgender individuals who want to use the bathroom of their choice, despite the objections of Americans who believe that they are entitled to the right of privacy.
5.    Protect abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, so they can continue to kill innocent unborn children, and in the case of Planned Parenthood, dismember the dead children and, profit from selling their body parts.
6.    Force private employers to give unskilled workers a minimum wage of $15.00 per hour despite the fact that this will cause many people to lose their jobs, and put many small businesses out of business. This will be done, while keeping the base pay for a private in the U.S. Army at under $9.00 per hour and a Sargent making less than $13.00 per hour. In other words, the Democrats consider the people flipping hamburger patties at McDonald’s more important than the American heroes who risk their lives for our country.
7.    Demoralize the U.S. Military by cutting pay and benefits to our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, while turning the military from an elite fighting force to an entity for social experimentation.
8.    Continue the policy of putting the lives of our military personnel at unnecessary risk so that they will have to fight a “politically correct” war against Islamic terrorism. 
9.    Continue to protect the Muslim religion from any scrutiny or criticism for the failure of most of its leaders to disavow the actions of Islamic Jihadist terrorists.
10.  Provide free housing, food, medical care, education, and other perks to illegal aliens while preparing plans to grant them amnesty and a fast track to citizenship, so they can vote for Democrats.
11.  Allow the corruption in the Veterans Administration to continue without anyone being penalized for denying veterans medical care, declaring them incompetent to handle their own financial affairs without cause, and declaring them mentally incompetent.
12.  Support radical groups like “Black Lives Matter” in attacking police and undermining their ability to protect American citizens, and themselves.
13.  Massively raise taxes on American citizens, and businesses so more “free stuff” can be provided to buy votes for Democratic Party candidates.
14.  Continue to push for federal control of education by using common core to dumb down American students, and use the schools to rewrite history so children will not learn about the foundation of our Constitutional form of government, and the sacrifices Americans have made for freedom.
15.  Turn universities from places where open discussion of ideas is encouraged to institutions where left wing whiners and losers can be protected from being traumatized by being exposed to anyone or anything they might disagree with.
16.  Continue to release convicted criminals, including illegal aliens into our cities, and encourage cities to provide sanctuaries for these dangerous individuals.
17.  Continue to release captured Islamic terrorists so they can kill more Americans.
18.  In the name of the discredited theory of climate change, continue to destroy America’s energy industry costing thousands of Americans their jobs.
19.  Appoint federal judges, including Justices to the U.S. Supreme Court that will pursue the leftist agenda instead of protecting the Constitution that is what is required by their oath of office.

I could go own, but I believe the message is clear; the values of Barrack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the liberal elitists who support them do not represent the values of the vast majority of the American people. They are certainly not the values of those who have fought and died for this country.
Michael Connelly