Saturday, April 9, 2016

Ted Cruz Campaign Fundraiser Recorded Telling Donors They Can Violate Finance Laws…

Senator Ted Cruz has at least eight Super-PAC’s assisting his presidential campaign; and according to a recording obtained by Politico a Cruz’s campaign bundler was directing large donors toward one PAC specifically.  The “Stand for Truth” PAC.
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The Cruz campaign likes to sell a narrative of being an “outsider”. However, the PAC wasn’t created until November 18th 2015 and this recorded fundraising pitch was December 30th 2015, a little more than a month after the PAC was formed.
Why is that aspect pertinent? Not a single primary took place until Feb 1st, and almost all of the candidates were still in the race when this donor meeting took place. The Mitch McConnell/Eric Lycan “insider DC pac” known as Stand for Truth, was part of Team Cruz finance while Bush, Rubio, Christie, Fiorina et al were still in the race.
Does that sound like an unfriendly -outside of the establishment- status? Of course not. Why would the GOPe be fundraising for Ted Cruz in December/January if he was an outsider while all the other ‘establishment candidates’ were still in the race?
What this really reveals is more evidence of Ted Cruz being a GOPe insider; always part of the ‘establishment‘ from the outset. The “conservative Cruz-ruse” was simply a part of the vote ‘splitting’ strategy, all along.
However, the campaign appears to have, yet again, gone into the land of illegality with the following statement (via audio recording):
“If you hit your max then we have a table for you that is the unlimited table,” Keet Lewis, a bundler for the campaign and co-host of a Dec. 30 fundraiser in Dallas, says on the recording provided to POLITICO. “It can take corporate dollars, it can take partnership dollars, and that’s the super PAC, Stand for Truth, so pick up some of that information.” (linkThe politico article goes on to share how and why the fundraising instructions are illegal –read here– but that’s not the part that might stick out to anyone who has been following the 2015/2016 shady campaign finances.