Monday, April 4, 2016

RNC Spins Rule Change to Help Party Elites Steal Nomination With New VIDEO

THE RNC SPIN IS ON These RNC Boots were made to WALK ALL OVER  Voters

The RNC attempts to convince voters that the convention rules need to change this year and that they necessarily change from convention to convention.

Original Video was removed and the below video replaced it.

Comments from April 5th repost of video:
die GOP die ... say hello to the whigs for us... i will not vote for your choice you have capitulated yourselves into this mess now your voters are gone 
So you post this again, to get rid of all the negative comments that YOU YOURSELF caused, with your threatening garbage and conspirators like Shitt Romney, to keep the People's VOICE down??? Screw YOU GOP, and YOU are the VERY SAME as that WITCH, KILLARY Clinton, and hence can say goodbye to MANY like mr!
So why even vote right? The people's voice doesn't matter.
Posting this for the second time in as many days doesn't make this video any more true. You guys will just change the rules to whatever you want.

+BigGator5 Wrong. The delegates get to set their own rules for each convention, and this has always been true (since the days of Lincoln!). Those delegates are elected by WE THE PEOPLE, not by RNC bigwigs. If you don't know how the process works, don't blame others if things don't go your way.
The original video from April 4, 2016 was removed along with all of the below comments.
awesome!! I love being a member of the Republican Party!! I been a member of the Republican Party for my entire adult life!!
the people themselves should pick not delegates
What a load of crap ... you assholes are making up new rules to take away the vote from Trump, just like you did to take it away from Ron Paul .. same shit, different year!
why set any rules, you're not going to follow them anyway!
hey you fuckfaced apparatchiks YOU HAVE ALREADY EARNED A LIFETIME OF LOATHING keep digging yourselves in deeper
yetshi the republicans hate it when you call it a contested convention, makes it look to much like the democratic primary with its corruption and graft. not that the repubs are flawless, they are trying everything they can to make sure trump doesn't get his required 1237 before cleveland, allows them to steal the election from him there when rubio and the other lowers delegates become unbound and they can put them into cruz's pocket during the 2nd ballot vote. only reason kasich is still running is to keep delegates away from trump.
+yetshi Yeah, I love how they used "Open Convention" instead of the appropriate "Contested" or "Brokered". I'm sure "Open Convention" focus-tested better for them.
In other words, Trump can will the people's vote by millions of votes, but the GOP establishment can say FU people and nominate whoever they want to. Basically, our votes don't matter.
+KRUZ8ER yes and THE PARTY HAS ALREADY DE-LEGITIMIZED ITSELF THOROUGHLY and all these consultant toad-eating scumbags are driving away the only actual Republican voters who cared FUCK THEM RUNNING as we say
Look at the Republican elites scheming to take the nomination away from Trump. What a joke.
Screw the People out of the legitimate People's choice for nominee, with your conspiracy shenanigans, and you screw and END your party! Believe THAT!
+mrjohnnysmith I already could not hate the party establishment more CLUELESS USELESS AND POINTLESS they are dead to me
Very informative and well done!
So it's all out in the open now. Sean Cairncross, smiling away (and I can only assume shot from the waist up so we don't see his hooves or his forked tail) and telling you that everything is just fine and that it's no big deal for the RNC to throw away millions of primary votes. But hey, anything is preferable to having a candidate who isn't a puppet of the elites on the ballot. Gotta make sure that none of the actors step out of line in the kabuki theater that is United States politics. I LOVE that you pigs have been cornered to the point that you have to lay your cards out on the table. You can fool some of the Republicans out there, you can even use phony, newly-created accounts like "Mark Price" and "Josh Madrid" below, but too many Republicans now know that the party is dead and its corpse is being run by jackals that would rather see Hillary Clinton elected than Donald Trump. You don't have to be a Trump voter to recognize that what the RNC has been doing (and now admits to in this video) is WRONG. If you're a Republican and you're willing to let the RNC do this, you're no better than the "ends justify the means" Liberals that will do anything to put their candidate in office. I've been a Republican my whole life, but no longer. The RNC is simply the other side of the DNC coin and I and many others will spend every spare minute and every spare cent I have to stop you from stealing this nomination.
+mrsasshole he is a very unappealing spokesperson isn't he, I FEEL SHAMED that his vileness has ever been presented to me as if perhaps acceptable.

+9EYEDEEL Damn right. I feel exactly the same way. Speaking of SHAME, I don't know how that greasy little S.O.B. can live with himself after what he says at 2:45 in the video. Who needs rules? Don't be silly, citizens, it's just fine to change the rules to suit our will and subvert yours!