Thursday, April 21, 2016

RNC Spends Contributions on Yacht Party at 2016 Spring Meeting

Rand Paul: ‘You Realize’ the Convention Rules ‘Haven’t Been Written Yet’
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Wednesday on CNN’s “The Lead,” former presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) pointed out that the rules of the Republican convention this July “haven’t been written yet.” Paul said, “When you say we’re going to adhere to the rules, you realize the rules haven’t been written yet. What is extraordinary, that people by the millions will have voted in a primary and then 110 people will decide how we’re going to make the rules. You can’t say we’re going to obey the rules. The rules have yet to be written. The convention will abide by rules that are written in the first day or two by 110 people. So you could write that a plurality wins or you could write that a majority wins.” He continued, “It’s extraordinary that the rules are written after you have already had the election. It will come down to what the rules are

GOP elites to host yacht party, gather at Florida resort to discuss Trump’s delegates
It pays to be part of the 168-member Republican National Committee (RNC).
RNC party leaders are expected to discuss GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s delegates thus far at the Hollywood, Florida Diplomat Resort & Spa, which also includes a party on a 128-foot yacht, according to a report by CNN.
The party’s rules panel will meet Thursday to decide whether any nominating boundaries should be proposed for the convention, but the real fighting, haggling and negotiating will be taking place on the sidelines — over drinks and around the pool at this resort.
One of the first confrontations is set for when conservatives meet Wednesday morning to hash out a fight over convention and nomination rules that started last week and played out over the weekend.
Conservative RNC member Solomon Yue is pressing his colleagues to send a rules plan to the convention delegates — like they typically do — when they meet this week. But John Ryder, an ally of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, is arguing same case inside the private meeting that Priebus has been making for more than a week: Don’t go anywhere near the convention rules.
The yacht party can accommodate 550 people, and includes 18,000 feet of deck space, a covered sky lounge, two sun decks and 13 high-definition televisions.
The GOP leaders will get to have dinner with the authors of ’13 Hours,’ the story about the US soldiers who tried to save US officials during the Benghazi 9/11 attacks.
Here’s a glimpse into the luxurious GOP getaway:
GOP yacht

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