Monday, April 25, 2016

Response to Art Olivas On Bashing AZ Trump Campaign Manager Charles Munoz

In response to Art Olivas rant in the MCRC Briefs.
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1. First and foremost if you really want Trump to be the nominee you wouldn’t attack his employees. Because your agenda is a separate issue.
2. You are way off base in attacking Charles Munoz
3. It is the job of Charles Munoz to get Trump elected
4. Not his job to get in a pissing match with AZGOP
5. Nor is it his job to research Robert Graham
6. No One has been abused by John McCain or Robert Graham disagreeing is not abuse it's a difference of opinion.
Robert Graham is accessible to the campaigns. Munoz is entitled to his opinion about Robert based on how he has been treated by the AZGOP.
Your comments on McCain show your disrespect for the sitting senior senator for Arizona.
My suggestion for you is to put your money where your mouth is and vote at the ballot box.
Activist Art Olivas: It is very evident to me that Mr. Charles Munoz is lacking the education that he can get for free by reading the Briefs!
Our suggestion to Mr. Charles Munoz is to research Robert Graham, his associates and assistants! Charles Munoz states that “Robert Graham is completely accessible, and transparent, and I commend him for properly and objectively managing the State Party and conducting the State Convention.
Graham has worked very hard to ensure every step of the process is conducted fairly.” NOT!!! My question to Charles Munoz is, how many of our county or state meetings has he attended? What factual knowledge has he of Robert Graham?
By his actions in our meetings, he is supporting John McCain and the Republican Establishment that is trying to stop Trump. YES the same people that have been running our country to the ground, And Donald Trump is trying to stop!! Charles Munoz you stated, “For the record to be perfectly clear, the Trump Campaign has not suggested, nor do we support, any Arizona Trump supporter to participate in the online petition started by Mr. La Faro.”
Well Charles Munoz for the record, “We” as Trump supporters, research! WE and I repeat “WE” don't follow suggestions or recommendations or ask for support from anyone! La Faro, better then you, knows how grassroots Republican conservatives here in Arizona are ignored and abused by John McCain, Bruce Ash, Robert Graham and their cohorts.
My suggestion to you is keep your 2 cents to yourself! Research Arizona's political history before you try to run it! Again read the Briefs!!  -- Latino Legal Immigrant Tea Party Facilitater. Sick and tired!! Arthur Olivas Jr.   Olivas is referring to AZ/NV Trump Campaign Manager Charles Munoz’s commentary in yesterday’s Briefs. See