Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pissed Off Colorado Republican Voters Organize Protest Against Colorado GOP

Colorado’s Republican voters won’t be silenced.
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A group, calling itself Colorado Votes Matter, have organized a rally for April 15 at the Colorado GOP Headquarters to protest against Ted Cruz’s winning of the state’s delegates over Donald Trump in a contest that didn’t see voters directly choose the winner.
The Denver Post explained how Cruz won the delegates.
Colorado GOP leaders canceled the party’s presidential straw poll in August to avoid binding its delegates to a candidate who may not survive until the Republican National Convention in July.
Instead, Republicans selected national delegates through the caucus process, a move that put the election of national delegates in the hands of party insiders and activists — leaving roughly 90 percent of the more than 1 million Republican voters on the sidelines.
The decision sparked significant controversy at the time and removed Colorado from the Republican primary map in the early stages of the campaign. But Cruz supporters worked quietly behind the scenes to build an organization to get like-minded Republicans to the March 1 precinct caucuses and capitalized on the Trump campaign’s failure to adapt to the system.

It should come as no surprise then that voters feel disenfranchised and are fighting back.
“The Colorado Republican Party shamefully silenced its voters this election season. We demand that Colorado give the power to vote in the Presidential Primary to the voters. We will exercise our right to assemble and peacefully protest the corruption of the Colorado GOP and disenfranchisement that we the voters have suffered,” the group wrote on its website coloradovotesmatter.org.
The group also warned this could be just the beginning and vowed to “show the GOP a preview of what is to come if we come to a contested convention.”
GOP chairman Reince Priebus defended the vote saying the rules have been in place since August.