Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hair on Fire News Talk Radio/Bruce Ash on Hillary Audio

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It’s been a tough campaign for Hillary Clinton. In fact she is so hard up for the female vote she’s  promising  50% of her cabinet — if she returns to The White House —  will be females.

When US President’s form their cabinets don’t they generally look for the best qualified candidates to serve as advisors and to run the nation’s leading governmental agencies ?

Females have , since the 1930’s,  served in many very high profile cabinet, diplomatic posts as well as direct advisors to the president. Over the past decade or so an ever growing number of females have become influential members of the US Congress and many now serve with distinction as state governors . Some of the nation’s best corporate executives are females.  

Of course there are qualified females to run the Department of Justice. The Department of Defense and the US Treasury. But since when does a US President need to work off a quota system to select a cabinet member? 

Clinton says,  “I am a feminist because I believe that women deserve the same rights as men .”  Well , Obama picked her to be his secretary of state. Ask the survivors of Benghazi how her gender appointment worked out.

Arguably, Hillary Clinton can choose whomever she wants and can make her cabinet look as she says “like America” but why limit her choices before she even receives the nomination and why is she pandering to the female vote in such an obvious fashion?

One reason may be that she has so little to offer in either accomplishments or new ideas that her campaign hs ben reduced to the only real issue she has - her gender.