Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cruz Held off NJ Ballot Pending Voter Fraud VIDEO

A primary ballot disqualification hearing has been scheduled by the New Jersey Secretary of State, Kim Guadagno, for 9 am Monday morning in Mercerville, New Jersey.
Onlashuk SHUGGAHARRA Finally, someone who not only knows the truth, but has also positioned himself to DO what is right and honorable. Furthermore, let me add a message to those that would dare to say, "I don't care," or, "He is going to be better than OBAMA." The Law of the Land is to be upheld no matter what the cost! If you break that law, then you are SUBJECT under it by the weight of the infraction so committed. If you support the breaking of that law, then you are also subject under it by the same weight. The great American Republic was envisioned, designed and created to be a land of people that know the law, live by that very same law, and will never compromise the law that they have given so that their public servants will always be honorable. This is one reason why the people of the great American Republic are sovereigns WITHOUT subjects. However, if you fail to act as an honorable Sovereign would act and keep the very same law that you have authorized and ordained, thus breaking it, then an enemy of the state you are, and the punishment shall fit the crime.
+Onlashuk SHUGGAHARRA - Yeah!!! Bravo, my fellow American!
WOW!!! This is fantastic...I JUST SHARED THIS VIDEO!! ONLY TRUMP 2016!!!
EXCELLENT news Bill! What a great start for a saturday:) Thank you.
Good, keep that theif out of there.
Here's to you, please let us know how the case turns out!
Ted has many problems ....this is one of many!
Cruz is hideous - he is not natural born
Bill I submitted your voting machine fraud video to drudge today. This would also be a good one
Lyin' Ted!
You know I'm not very superstitious... but 7 is kinda my lucky number.. and with this one on Ted being #777 I want to believe that it will be Ted's unlucky day Monday and the SOB will be DONE. I even got my fingers crossed on this one.
+GunClingingPalin - My wife said the same thing. Go 777!
EXCELLENT NEWS ! thanks Bill 😀

HOW does a person "SEAL" his birth records???