Friday, April 22, 2016

AZ GOP State Convention April 30th Election of Delegates For RNC Convention Cleveland

State Delegate Convention Apr 30, 2016 at the Mesa Convention Center
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745 Arizona Republicans Running for National Convention Delegate
We've got 745 very excited Republican activists competing for those 55 coveted delegate positions. Those who are elected by our state delegates on April 30 will travel to Cleveland in July to cast their vote. Thanks to all of you in advance for the sacrifices you make on behalf of the Party and the work you have done, and will do, to help our presidential nominee be victorious in November. 
The list of 745 candidates is here. Information about the Republican National Convention is here. Rules on Choosing Number of Delegates HERE
  1. Once elected, delegates and alternates will pay the full cost of their attendance at the Republican National Convention, an amount expected to be approximately $4,000 per person, including airfare and hotel. All the presidential campaigns have asked us to inform delegates that they must pay these costs themselves.
  2. An initial payment of $1,000 must be made by each delegate and alternate immediately after the election on April 30th. This is consistent with prior practices in 2008 and 2012, and the funds will be used to offset part of the costs of the delegation activity in Cleveland, including meals, entertainment, receptions and other activities.
  3. At the Republican National Convention delegates vote openly. There are no secret ballots and you can expect all your voting activity to be subject to public observation. Your name will be published on the website. You can expect to be contacted by media, candidate campaigns, or others interested in contacting you about your participation and how you intend to vote.
  4. Please remember that you have offered to serve the Republican voters from your party, and please keep in mind the wishes of your constituents who selected you as their delegate to National Convention.
  5. State law requires the delegates to cast their vote for the winner of the March 22nd election in the first round, in this case Donald Trump, and all delegates and alternates will be required to pledge to uphold this requirement.