Monday, April 18, 2016

Arizona's: Bruce Ash Chairman of RNC Rules Committee Accuses RNC Chair of a “major breach of trust”

Republican National Committee (RNC) officials have accused Chairman Reince Priebus of committing a “major breach of trust” by not considering a new rule that would make it more difficult to reopen the presidential nomination for a brand-new nominee.

RNC Rules Committee Chairman Bruce Ash emailed 55 other members about his dismay over a lack of communication from Priebus’ counsel’s office about RNC member Solomon Yue’s proposed rule change, The Washington Times reported.
Yue’s proposal would significantly alter the process at the national convention by switching the parliamentary rules for reopening the nominee pool from the U.S. House of Representatives to Robert’s Rules of Order.
Under House rules, the convention chairman may reopen the nomination process whereas a majority vote of delegates is required under Robert’s Rules.
“I consider this to be a major breach of trust,” Ash wrote in his email, according to The Washington Times.
Yue believes “establishment forces want to hijack the nomination with a ‘fresh face,’”as Karl Rove has said. “Nominations should not be reopened without the consent of a majority of delegates.”
In an email to The Times, RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer said Priebus “strongly believes all rules changes should be up to the delegates elected by the grassroots Republican voters.”
Assertions by Ash and Yue are similar to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s claim that the presidential nominating process is “rigged,” something Priebus has dismissed.
“If you think [Trump’s assertion the system is rigged] is rhetoric, if you think it’s hyperbole, there’s nothing that the RNC can do to alter the rules between now and the convention,” Priebus told Dana Bash on CNN’s “State of The Union“ Sunday. “It’s not the RNC’s place. So I don’t sit here and internalize the charge, because there’s no there there. There’s nothing the RNC can do about it.”

“Everyone knows what the rules are,” he added. “Everyone knows that the RNC can’t change the rules between now and the convention.”