Friday, April 22, 2016


AZ Gov Doug Ducey has received a low job approval, if you were paying attention during the election you are not surprised.He had been Arizona Treasurer for a nano second. His main claim to fame was selling ice cream franchises.
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He wasn’t qualified to be Governor and if not for hype and a lot of money ($21.5 million) he would not have been elected.

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  1. A recent Poll regarding Arizona Governor Ducey’s low job ratings

    is marvelous, in that it is diversified in approach and directive.

    The problem for the Governor is that no matter how you look

    at this specific Poll, the negatives are still very negative. He

    apparently has NO base.

    If Ducey loses the Prop. 123 statewide election on education funding

    reform, things will reverberate even lower for him.

    It’s the economy, stupid! No matter how strong the prescription on

    the Phoenix constabulary’s rosy eye glasses is, they are simply purblind.

    There is a curious, cocoon-like rhapsody ongoing in central Phoenix.

    Free spending and taxes have once again become the lawmaker’s

    strategy de jour.

    To the greater detriment of the situation, there remains a muttering

    undertow of discontented rumblings throughout the rest of Arizona.

    There is little percolation in the hinterlands. And nobody in central

    Phoenix seems to be able to, or even willing to hone in on it all. Just

    the thing that tends to tip the polls downward.

    Adam Hadar

    Phoenix USA


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