Thursday, April 21, 2016

Americans Big War on Who Pees Where

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The sign you see 

People are getting their heads chopped off and Americans are fighting over who pees where.
Using a non-gender bathroom is not the end of the world. Hospitals, medical centers, banks, restaurants, fast foods joints, hotels, office buildings, service stations have non-gender bathrooms.
When you visit friends everyone uses the same bathroom and at home you use the same bathroom.
All over Europe there are non-gender bathrooms, no big deal you go in lock the door and do your business.
There are a lot of issues Americans could be concerned about besides who pees where.
Children going to bed hungry, the homeless, the poor, illegal drugs pouring into USA, porous borders, medical care for the indigents and veterans,
These causes are more important to fight for than who pees where. It’s past time to use common sense.