Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why no black female on SCOTUS

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by Dr. Ada M. Fisher
Obama’s Black Pawns
The liberal elitism of the Obama Administration is again being demonstrated by his nomination of chief judge for the US D. C. Court of Appeals Garland Merrick for the US Supreme Court. There has never been an African American female nominated to the US Supreme Court which is deplorable.  As the father of two black daughters, as well as husband to a black wife who is an attorney, one would think that out of three shots at nominations for SCOTUS, President Obama should have given this some priority. 
Again we see Obama go to the well of Harvard for an appointee -- as the late Justice Scalia noted, there are too many present on the court with five from that one institution already.  What about the other law school graduates particularly UNC, Stanford or black institutions like Howard (Thurgood Marshall) or North Carolina Central University?   Where is the southern, Midwestern or other regional influence on SCOTUS? 
There is also already a glaring religious imbalance on the court with five Catholics and three Jews.  As a Jew I’d like to see all nine justices as such; however, the addition of Merrick would make five Catholics and four Jews which doesn’t reflect the demography of the USA. 
There is a growing divide between the rank and file of the African American population and politicians of color who are increasingly leaving their roots behind in the quest for power and support.  Obama has been given an unquestioning free ride by African Americans without asking the Janet Jackson question, “What have you done for me lately.”                                                                        
-Our HBCUs continue in their struggle with more money appropriated for community colleges which steer students away from them.  Quietly not discussed is data that Ronald Reagan who after Jimmy Carter put in the White House Initiative on HBCUs with George W. Bush appropriating more funds for such than William Clinton or Barack Obama.  The Obama Administration’s changes to the Plus Loan Program eliminated over 35,000 qualified black college students from eligibility for such.                                                                                     
-For a man who admits in his book to “smoking a little blow”, why has there been neglect of the countless people of color and the poor imprisoned for doing the same on Obama’s watch or suffering disproportionately because of the Clinton Policy of three strikes you’re out.                                                                                            
-ObamaCare has befallen the poor with such high deductible premiums that not as much has changed on health care costs and access is still a problem as the reimbursement rates fail to compensate for the surge in expenses.                                                      
-In a supposedly improving economy, why is there seemingly little gain in our communities, our crime rates still flourishing, drugs infesting the corners where we live and urban areas controlled by democrats still withering on the vines?      
-As much as poorer communities need entrepreneurs and businesses, why per the American Business League did the Small Business Administration take a 25% hit?
Though President Obama is to represent all of the people, a bit more outreach for we the people would be nice.  Must the burdens be done on our backs? And by the way, what was that Nobel Peace Prize really for?
A look at Republican leadership which controls 32 of 50 legislatures nationally says there may be more to the other side than meets the eye, especially in North Carolina where our unemployment and tax rates have decreased while our bond ratings are A and jobs continue to grow, teachers got one of the largest raises in the nation, all while lowering our debts and repaying unemployment liabilities to the federal government. Ohio seems to be stabilized as well under Republican leadership. 
Before we select our presidential leadership, look at not just our personal prosperity and security or the pandering to say what folks think we want to hear.  We need stability in trying times.  We need not more of the same but new directions. If the promises being made seem too good to be true, they likely are.  If the track records are balanced and the ticket affordable get on board.

Dr. Ada M. Fisher is a physician, licensed teacher in secondary education—Mathematics and Science, former School Board Member, Medical  Director in a Fortune  500 Company and as well as the NC Republican National Committee Woman. Her book, Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions Solutions for What Ails Us, Book I may be ordered through any bookstore or purchased on line through or or on Kindle. Contact her at P. O. Box 777; Salisbury, NC 28145;