Wednesday, March 2, 2016

UPDATED! Dear Reince, Donald Trump Doesn’t Need The GOP

See That? It says Make America Great Again, it doesn't say Make The GOP Great Again.
Re-Posted With permission From  Detonite
Dear Reince Priebus,
You may not remember me, but I know you. I know how you became the Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC). Unlike most of the general public, I know how you (as Wisconsin GOP Chairman) got Scott Walker elected as Governor in 2010 and parlayed that into knocking Michael Steele (former RNC Chairman) out of his position. A position that Steele led, which had just resulted in the GOP’s largest and greatest wins in a really long time. I know Mark Willis, the man who ran against you last time. I know his wife Violet – we are good friends. I know many of the Committee Members that you practically bribed to keep your seat last time around – after we got our ass kicked by Obama. I know a lot of people you know, mainly because I used to live right by Paul Ryan and I was a paid member of the Rock County GOP. I was also a state delegate in Wisconsin thanks to your buddy Jason Mielke.
So, now that you and I are on the same page, here is the deal:
I don’t like you. I don’t like what you stand for. I don’t like what you’ve done to the GOP. I don’t like what you do. I don’t like what you say. I don’t like that stupid little sneer that is always on your face. I don’t like your name. I don’t like what you did to Michael Steele. I don’t like what you did to Mark Willis. I don’t like what you did to Ron Paul. I don’t like what you did to Rick Santorum (yes we all know what happened to Rick in Wisconsin in 2012 – Rick was supposed to be the winner of the Wisconsin primary but you, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and Mitt Romney made sure THAT didn’t happen, didn’t you?).
Now, here we are in 2016. We are months away from probably THE most important election I have ever had the ability to vote for in all my 50 years of being. It is the most important election because YOU and your leech posse made sure we lost and lost big in 2012. How the hell do you lose to someone like Obama? And you were re-elected after that? Please Reince, let’s tell the public how THAT happened.
Maybe in a future story…
But for now, here is what you, the Republican Party, and America needs to know:
Donald Trump wants to Make America Great Again, but Reince Priebus is standing in the way of that. Reince Priebus is allowing representatives of the official Republican Party to stand in Trump’s way.  Reince wants his old college pal Rubio to head to the White House.
There is just one YUGE problem Reince… DONALD TRUMP DOESN’T NEED THE GOP… and neither do millions of other Americans. We will Make America Great Again with or without you. You can count on it.
I’ll be the first one to say, I voted for Ross Perot and trust me, I would not hesitate to vote third party again. Believe me when I tell you, MILLIONS of Americans will join me if that happens. Millions of Americans want to Make America Great Again.
Since you have been at the helm of this sinking ship, also known as The Republican Party, all we have heard is goofy nonsense like “We have to grow the party”, we have to worship gays, illegals and terrorists. We have to give up our values so we can get more members. We have to be liberals so we can win the liberal vote. We have to accept amnesty because of the Latino vote. We have to accept RINOs because they are “The Only Ones Who Can Win” – yeah, like Tommy Thompson, Mitt Romney and Neel Kashkari. (losers!) We need to become the “Big Tent Party”. I’m sorry Reince, but did it ever occur to you that big tents are for circuses?
Mr. Priebus, you should be thanking your lucky stars that no one has yet initiated racketeering (RICO) charges against the RNC for all the shenanigans (financial and otherwise) since you have been around. The GOP takes LOTS of money from people (membership fees and donations) and in exchange for that, you and all your cronies make promises that you never intend to keep. In any other industry you know what they call that? Fraud.
The GOP has an official platform that they absolutely REFUSE to enforce, but then when a candidate or elected official adheres to that platform- they are vilified.
Why don’t YOU and the rest of your GOP ilk tell the people just how much money Mr. Trump and his family has happily given to the GOP since the 1980’s? HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Why don’t you tell the public HOW MANY TIMES the GOP has called on Mr. Trump, so he can bail you out, or so he can provide you with an endorsement, or so he can hold a fundraiser for one of your people – even if he DID NOT like that particular politician. Mr. Trump believed it was worth it to save the seat and not let it go to a democrat. Mr. Trump has been a major supporter of the GOP for DECADES, but now suddenly you and your rabid little chihuahua Mitt Romney act as if Trump is the anti-Christ.
Mitt Romney: The man who couldn’t even beat Obama. Yeah, let’s take advice from that guy. Oy vey! This is like watching that Groundhog Day movie! Is this insanity ever going to stop?
Reince, I don’t know Donald Trump, but I do know you should be groveling at his feet for all he has generously done for the GOP instead of treating him like a leper. No, I am not saying he should be able to buy his way into the nomination – but isn’t that exactly what Romney did? There is one big difference between Romney and Trump – people actually LIKE Donald Trump. You should be proud that, thanks to Donald J. Trump, the GOP has TENS OF THOUSANDS of new members in the past 9 months. You should be happy that, because of Mr. Trump, people like me who left the party – came back.
You finally have someone who has brought everything to the table. Someone who has expanded the party. Someone who brings people to the voting booth in record numbers – and yet, you people shit all over him.
Please tell us Reince, what has that little twerp Marco Rubio ever done for the party? Or for America? Or heck, even Florida?
In the end, I guess Mr. Trump’s money is conservative enough for you, but Mr. Trump isn’t?
And while we are talking about CONSERVATIVES, why don’t you remind the American people just how conservative our Senate is. How about our House of Representatives? How about that “conservative” Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts? How about that lunatic nutjob Governor from South Carolina? Is that your idea of conservative? How about your lapdog Paul Ryan? Oh there is a real conservative, eh? How about your buddy Scott Walker? The same Scott Walker who teamed up with La Raza when he was a Milwaukee County Administrator. That man is a disaster!
I guess when you and your people say that Donald Trump is not a conservative, maybe we should be happy about this.

This leads me to where we are today, you know, the day after Donald Trump wiped Rubio AND Cruz’s clocks clean in Nevada – which was of course, right after Trump did that very same thing in South Carolina, which we all know was right after he pummeled your little pool boy in New Hampshire… And now, here comes three time loser Romney, speaking on behalf of the GOP, threatening Donald Trump…. because Donald Trump is a threat to the status quo – and apparently Romney is acting with your blessing Reince.
Reince, you are really going to allow these shenanigans – AGAIN? Really? You are going to do nothing – AGAIN? You are not going to stand up for YOUR OWN PARTY’S FRONT RUNNER? And instead, you’re going to cower to yesterday’s LOSER? Are you out of your mind? You are the Chairman of the Republican Party. Mitt Romney is not the Chairman of the GOP. You have a fiduciary responsibility to ALL your members. You should either do your job, or resign. If you aren’t man enough to do either of those honorable things, you need to be removed from the party.
This is your chance Reince. Your chance to do something yuge. Your chance to Make America Great Again. Don’t blow it. You can be a hero, or keep on being a zero.
I, along with hundreds of thousands of other MEMBERS OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, hereby demand that you immediately call for a cease and desist of this fraudulent bullshit, the lies, the backroom deals, the whisper campaigns, etc. You need to be slapping all these malcontents and party-wreckers with lawsuits. You need to get on the phone now, and tell Mr Three Time Loser to stop interfering in the electoral process. Romney should be shunned after that disastrous campaign he ran in 2012. And what is so sad is that the party won’t even admit that the reason you let Romney go on and on and on is because – HE GIVES YOU MONEY.
Oh, and while we are talking about Romney the RINO, has everyone forgotten that he used to be a pro-choice liberal DEMOCRAT?
Reince, as the Chairman of the RNC, you are obligated to take IMMEDIATE action on this because if you refuse, then it is YOU who is directly causing irreparable harm to MY party – and I can assure you, someone WILL hold you (and your criminally liable accomplices) accountable because WE THE PEOPLE are sick and tired of this nonsense that people like YOU have created.
We will not put up with this.
Donald Trump is not the one who is going to hand this election to the Democrats. Mitt Romney is the one who is going to do that – again. Because apparently he didn’t do enough damage back in 2012. And you are just as culpable because you consistently refuse to properly manage the party.

Just a reminder to people who are not aware of what may be about to happen – Reince Priebus, on behalf of the RNC, and Donald Trump signed a BILATERAL agreement last year. And the Republican Party is just itching to violate that contract. I can tell you right now, if that happens, it is all but certain that Mr. Trump will leave the GOP and take HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of loyal Americans with him. At that point, the Republican Party will, without a doubt, implode – as it was already on track to do anyway – before Mr. Trump brought so many people on board. More at