Thursday, March 10, 2016

Trump Said: GOP opposition to him 'taking advantage of our country'

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Wednesday night spoke out against what appears to be a growing move among the party establishment — including a few of his former rivals — to at least slow down his march to the convention with enough delegates in hand to claim the nomination.

Speaking with Sean Hannity on a special Fox News town hall, Trump said: The GOP lawmakers opposed to his campaign of "taking advantage of our country". They do what’s right for special interest groups, lobbyist and those who contribute to their campaigns, not what’s right for the country.

Trump called his campaign a movement "of competence and common sense and low taxes and [secure] borders and it would be so foolish to give it away."

Trump was referring to a conference held by the conservative American Enterprise Institute at Sea Island off the coast of Georgia over the weekend, where one of the topics reportedly was stopping Trump from securing the Republican nomination.

 The conference reportedly was attended by Senate Majority Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan and other key Republican congressmen. "I know all these people," Trump told Hannity. "These are people that are taking advantage of our country. They don’t want to have strong borders. They want stuff flowing across the borders. They don’t want to have taxation when countries treat us unfairly because they benefit from that." Source