Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trump Born to Late to Explore World,Space But Born in Time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN-Video

Politicians have done nothing for us and never will. The career politicians have lied and looted America. 

Never trust somebody who hasn't worked for a living! Please share this Donald Trump video and join the Second American Revolution! We're going to take our country back from the filth destroying it! There will be many arrests if you elect Donald Trump! Show your rage in the voting booth and ignore all the lies from the fake news! No matter what THEY say - Vote Trump and keep getting others to join us!
If I could be an American for just five minutes I'd spend it casting my vote for this man. Americans, Europe is being destroyed by third world hordes, everyone sees this but Donald Trump is the only one who admits it and will commit to defending your great country
+Rakesh Mohan I feel exactly the same way. I wish I could vote for him too.
+Boxin Daw5 yep, wish there was a Trump here in Australia.
The great last haven Donald Trump!
Trump is Americas and the free world's last hope. If he loses the Presidency, the Western world and it's civilization will fall into decline and ruin.
Tons and tons of people are saying that there will be a civil war or revolution if he doesn't get elected.
Trump has my support, from the UK. Many people over here support him, as he has said himself. Nobody believe the dumb cucks we have controlling our media and government. Many of us would kill to have Trump, or a leader like him, over here. We have Farage and UKIP, but they unfortunately don't have the same level of popularity as Trump does in the US.

Born too late to explore the world, Born too soon to explore the space, But I was born just in time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! ! ! ! !