Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ted Cruz Representing A Mega Chinese Business Tries To Destroy A USA Small Business Owner

Ted Cruz Was Paid Big Bucks To Try Destroy American Small Business Owner  

The knock so many have against lawyers is their penchant to chase the money, morality be damned. Ted Cruz is certainly not immune to that accusation given the following story that has so far, received almost no attention during the entirety of his presidential campaign regarding a time when Mr. Cruz aggressively defended a Chinese mega-business against an American small business owner – and lost.

ABOVE: Jordan Fishman is the CEO of a small American business named, Tire Engineering and Distribution L.L.C which found its research materials illegally taken and then distributed to Chinese mega-company, Shandong LingLong.
It is an all too common and costly complaint of American business. Intellectual property that often represents years of research and development, is seized by foreign companies (primarily Chinese companies) who then use that information to manufacture the product cheaper and thus, endanger the American company’s ability to stay in business.
Mr. Fishman was stunned at the disregard Shandong LingLong had for what it was attempting to do to him as he explained in this interview with the trade publication, Tire Business:
“I grew up in a different era…I started in the scrap rubber business, and you did business with people in an atmosphere based on trust. That’s how I learned what to do and how to do it…It was like, ‘What is he going to do to us in Dubai?’ And also, ‘He’s an old man, so he’ll die soon!’ Well, I guess I didn’t die.”More information on Ted Cruz’s history as a high-paid attorney can be found: HERE and HERE Source