Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Ted Cruz Eligibility to Be POTUS To Be Heard March 4,2016 by NY Judge

Washington (CNN)A New York judge hear the case challenging Ted Cruz's eligibility to be president The case will be heard on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. ET, the plaintiff's attorney, Roger J. Bernstein, said. There are lease three other cases that need to be letigated in other states.

Individual cases have been filed in separate states questioning Cruz's eligibility to serve in the White House. Cruz was born in Canada to an American-born mother, which most legal scholars agree makes him a "natural-born citizen" as required under the Constitution.
But the matter has never been settled in court.
David Weinstein, a New York State Supreme Court justice, will hear the case pressed by two men, William Gallo and Barry Korman. The New York Board of Elections is defending against the suit.
The controversy has been seized on by several states who have lawsuits pending and has cast doubt on Cruz's eligibility, and spread questions about his upbringing.
The case has cast doubts on whether Cruz entered United illegally when he was four years old.