Thursday, March 3, 2016

Statement of Organization Filed for Romney for President INC Jan 2016

Red, white & blue elephant

Red Curve Solutions Filed a Statement of Organization for Romney for President INC in January 2016.
See History of Red Curve Solutions below.
Is this preplanning to try and nominate Mitt Romney for President at a brokered/ or “open convention.” At the GOP Convention in Cleveland Ohio?
GOP likes it to be referred to as ““open convention.” Brokered sounds too much like what it is wheeling and dealing to keep the people’s choice from being the nominee.
That way the GOP can keep collecting money and fooling the Republicans while they collude with the Democrats.
Red Curve was founded during the 2008 election cycle by Bradley Crate, the Deputy CFO of the Romney for President campaign. He recognized the need for a more structured approach to campaign compliance and treasury management. Using a full service model and leveraging innovative technology, Red Curve Solutions solves the complex problems posed by the financial logistics of modern political campaigns.
Just how big of a difference does Red Curve Solutions make? In the 2008 cycle, John McCain’s Presidential campaign had a treasury staff of more than 30. In 2012 Red Curve Solutions handled the treasury, budgeting and compliance of the Romney for President campaign along with that of the entire Romney Victory Joint Fundraising Committee – over $1B in all – with only 9 individuals!

The Red Curve team is experienced in the unique financial management needs of political campaigns that come from issues like unpredictable cash flow, rapid spending decisions, and compliance considerations. With a wealth of knowledge and breadth of perspective drawn from prior experience in banking, investment management, accounting and law, the team at Red Curve Solutions is ready to help you make every dollar count.