Saturday, March 19, 2016

Roger Stone on Breitbart News about Donald Trump Audio

Breitbart News Sunday - Roger Stone - March 13, 2016

Roger Stone, Trump insider and political operative, takes a look at the Stop Trump Drive, the Big Steal at the Convention, and how it resembles 1968.
“The problem here is, the lobbyists drive the train, and you can’t peddle influence if you have no influence,” he explained, citing a number of powerful GOP Establishment figures who either have, or anticipate, lucrative careers as lobbyists.
“And nobody has any influence with Donald Trump, other than the American people. There’s nobody with an inside track, nobody who can say, ‘Well, Donald, you have to do this, because I gave you a million dollars. He’s impervious to that kind of pressure, and that is what drives the Establishment insane.”
Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, “is a crony capitalist,” according to Stone. “You can buy her for money. She’ll do a deal. She believes in nothing, nothing whatsoever.”