Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Making money work for Arizona #DemsLead

Phoenix State Capital-State budget discussions are beginning at the Capitol, and Legislative Democrats have a plan that will develop a diverse and resilient economy. Moving our economy forward will require a reinvestment in innovation, infrastructure and job training so that the state can stand on solid ground and can weather future downturns. 

And we have the resources to make that happen. Arizona’s baseline budget has a cash balance of $625 million. Our state’s rainy day fund is around $460 million. That’s nearly a billion dollars that is just sitting there—when it should be working for the people of Arizona.

Democrats offered a clear plan to reinvest in our state by focusing on five key areas: public education, community support, public safety, economic development and responsible stewardship of our natural resources. We have the money to invest in these critical areas. Arizona should be an economic leader nationwide. Our state is full of innovative, entrepreneurial and independent people. And we have a chance to invest in our economy right now.

Public schools and universities should have the resources they need to prepare our students for the future. Arizonans should feel confident that their tax dollars will be used to make the state stronger and encourage job growth.

Arizonans are industrious and it’s time for the Legislature to reinvest in our greatest resource—the people who live here. To see a summary of the Democrats’ full, five-step plan for moving Arizona forward, click here.