Friday, March 25, 2016

Liz Mair Former Carly,Governors Walker, Perry and RNC Comm Director Behind Melania Ads

It was from this early Cruz strategy the Liz Mair Super-PAC “Make America Awesome” took their marching orders and began sending controversial flyers of Melania Trump to upcoming states.  Thus kicking off the response from Donald Trump in defense of his wife.
Liz Mair
Liz Mair
However, as will all campaign machinations and poorly hidden campaign to Super-PAC coordination efforts, there’s a little more to this story.
Liz Mair:Former online comms strategist to Sen. Paul, Govs Walker & Perry & Carly Fiorina; former RNC Online Comms Director; Tory; libertarian; Arsenal fan
The question arises did Cruz pro Super Pac donate the $500,000. to Firona Campaign as payment to get these hit pieces sent out, so when Trump responded they could blame everything on him.
Look closely at the mailing address for Liz Mair’s Super-PAC:
carly for america 2
(Link – Or Click  to Enlarge
Now look at the mailing address for Carly Fiorina’s Super-PAC (Carly for America):
carly for america 1
The post office box is exactly the same.
Again, as with almost all of the discoveries within this political cycle we discover the same political operatives are working multiple campaigns.  In essence, the heart of the “splitter strategy” is evidenced.  Multiple candidates all coordinating their efforts and campaigns toward a common goal, retention of the UniParty.

Of course they are always clever with the various degrees of plausible deniability.  Such deniability is witnessed with Senator Ted Cruz claiming the originating attacks against Melania Trump having nothing, technically, to do with his campaign.