Saturday, March 12, 2016

Leftist Domestic Terrorists are Assaulting Conservatives at Trump Rallies!

 Conservatives Across America Must Stand Up and VOTE Trump!
Vicious leftist terrorists are waging an all out war against Trump supporters. The violence is so extreme that rallies have been canceled due to security threats. At a recent rally in Illinois, leftist terrorists punched and kicked dozens of patriotic Trump supporters. This violence must be stopped! Patriotic Trump supporters refuse to be intimidated by leftist terrorists! It is time to fight back and VOTE Donald Trump! 

It is clear that the Washington establishment has teamed up with leftist terrorist groups in an attempt to defeat Donald Trump. Wealthy liberal donors are funneling millions of dollars to liberal extremist groups to support mass assaults at Trump rallies. The political class has reached new lows in their effort to smear Trump.