Monday, March 14, 2016

Latest Standing In Polls for Second Super Tuesday 3-15-16

Here's where the GOP candidates stand according to the polls:
North Carolina7241.3%28.5%10%11.3%
If the latest polls are accurate, tomorrow's 'Super Tuesday 2.0' is shaping up to be a good day for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

In Florida--whose 99 winner-take-all delegates are largely seen as a must-win for Senator Marco Rubio--Trump appears to be sitting on a comfortable lead over Rubio. The Florida Senator trails Trump by nearly 20 points in the Sunshine State according to the RCP average.

The story appears to be the same in Illinois, North Carolina, and Missouri, where Trump continues to dominate the polls.

The only state in which the billionaire might be at a disadvantage is Ohio, where the state's governor John Kasich leads Trump by less than 3 points according to the Real Clear Politics average. Like Florida for Rubio, the Buckeye State's 66 winner-take-all delegates are a must-win if Governor Kasich plans on continuing his presidential campaign.