Monday, March 14, 2016

John Kasich Interview Illegals Should Be Provided A Route Amnesty

What Kasich has to say about illegals is just another example as to why we’re all so confused that he’s running as a Republican.

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From Breitbart:
Illegal immigrants are “a critical part of our society” and should be provided a route to amnesty, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich tells a coalition of Hispanic company executives.
“For those that are here that have been law abiding, God bless them,” he told the business group, which is a major advocate for expanded immigration.
“Then I think the [illegals] should have a path to legalization… I think that can pass,” Kasich said, using one of the euphemisms for granting legal residency to illegal immigrants.
The Ohio governor also claimed the illegal immigrants are skilled. The illegals “are a critical part of our society from doctors to engineers to lawyers– well, I don’t know if we need more of them [lawyers]– but we’ve got a lot of teachers, whatever,” he said.
Kasich’s pro-illegal stance is very unpopular among Republicans and voters, but it is consistent with the views of Democratic progressives and donor-class Republicans who think America should experience a level of foreign migration never before experienced in its history.

Kasich also told the group that one of his top priorities is “expand[ing] the guest workers.”