Tuesday, March 1, 2016

ICYMI: Sunday Talking Heads Shows

Sunday Wrap Up
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2016 RACE
Trump dodges on David Duke question: ' I know nothing about white supremacists'   "I don't know anything about what you're even talking about."
Trump doubles down on promise to 'open up' libel laws   “All I want is fairness.”
Trump defends lawsuit with Polish workers   Rubio raised the lawsuit in last Thursday's GOP debate.
Kasich: Trump will probably win all of the states on Super Tuesday   "At the end of the day, what changes this race is my ability to win in Ohio," he said.
Christie: I never promised not to endorse Trump   “Donald Trump and I are not going to agree on every issue,” Christie added.
Nikki Haley baffled by Christie endorsement   The governor said it would be "scary" to see Donald Trump as the nominee.
Steve Forbes: Trump will lure votes from Democrats   The publisher said part of Trump's appeal is his upbeat look at the U.S.
Top DNC official leaves post to back Sanders   Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) currently serves as vice chair of the DNC.
Sanders: We will do better than people expect on Super Tuesday   "I think we have a shot to win a number of states on Super Tuesday."
Sanders sees path to victory   He said South Carolina is likely to be "as bad as it's going to get."
Clinton holds double-digit leads in Georgia, Tennessee and Texas   Clinton has a 34-point lead in Georgia, according to NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls.
Trump atop GOP field in Georgia, Tennessee ahead of Super Tuesday   Cruz leads in his home state of Texas, however, NBC News/Wall Street Journal pollsters found.
CBS News poll: Clinton, Trump ahead in key Super Tuesday states   Clinton holds at least a 20-point lead among Democrats in Georgia, Texas and Virginia.
Cruz looking ahead to ‘very good night’ on Super Tuesday   Cruz called it the "most important day of the entire primary election."
Cruz: Voters 'have a right to know' if Trump has a problem in his taxes   "I think he owes candor to the voters," Cruz said.
Cruz suggests Trump may have Mafia ties   “There have been multiple media reports about Donald's business dealings with the mob."
Cruz: GOP needs to ‘come together’ to beat Trump   The senator maintained that he is the only candidate with a chance to beat Trump.
Cruz accuses Fox News anchor of using Trump playbook   “Every accusation you raised is incorrect,” Cruz told Chris Wallace.
Rubio: 'We’re the underdog and that’s a role that I relish'   "We’re going to pick up a lot of delegates on Super Tuesday."

Ryan: 'Our entire government' is on the line in November   The Speaker said the entire political system hangs in the balance of this year's elections.