Thursday, March 3, 2016

Did Marco Rubio Have a Hand in Removing Records of Drug Dealing Brother in Law Video

This is not good. 
It looks like within the next couple of weeks, Republican candidate Marco Rubio will be wishing the press would be focusing on his gross misuse of a Republican Party credit card while serving Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. 
Much bigger stuff is about to surface. Rubio’s brother-in-law, Orlando Cicilia, served 12 years in prison for cocaine trafficking. He was good buddies with cocaine kingpin Mario Tabraue, the model for Al Pacino’s Tony Montana in the movie “Scarface.”
But when a Univision reporter, Gerardo Reyes, started digging into Cicilia’s past to see if Rubio had played any part in springing his brother-in-law from prison, strange things started happening.
In 2011, reporter Reyes went to federal court and asked for all documents relating to Cicilia’s getting out of prison. When the documents were produced, there were large gaps concerning his parole hearings – such as who testified and if his brother-in-law, Marco Rubio, - now a new U.S. Senator - had played any role. 
Univision sued. In July of 2011, just three days before the judge ruled on the production of the missing documents, they were destroyed. 
As the spokesperson for the federal court put it, the documents were:
“destroyed in accordance with the record schedule.”
However, according to Judicial Watch, these very same documents were requested a full month earlier by reporter Reyes –in person at the federal courthouse. There is no way that the court records clerk would not have known that they were important to a case pending before the court.
As most of us learned during the Watergate scandal; It’s not the crime that gets you; it’s the cover-up.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.