Saturday, March 12, 2016

Debbie Dooley Tea Party Founder: An Open Letter to Ted Cruz

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Exclusive For Breitbart
I have been fighting for conservative values since 1976 and have been involved as a volunteer in over 40 political campaigns. I have had the honor to have served as a delegate twice to the Republican National Convention.
I am also one of the co-founders of the national tea party movement that began in 2009 and, in addition, I have served on the Tea Party Patriots Board of Directors since October of 2009.
During the almost 40 years I have been involved with the political process, I have had to endure insults from the left and the Republican elitists calling activists like me stupid or, in recent history, “low information” voters.
I have learned to ignore the disparaging attacks from the elitists on both sides of the political spectrum that worked to oppose conservative ideology. I have volunteered countless hours to the conservative cause and to my country because I am true believer in conservatism.
I was disheartened to learn that you recently joined  progressives and Republican establishment elitists by attacking millions of activists like me that support Donald Trump by calling us low information voters.
I would encourage you to climb down out of your Ivy League tower and find out just who we are and why we decided to support Donald Trump.
You would find among Trump supporters freedom loving activists that share a deep love for our country – the same deep love Donald Trump has articulated in a very persuasive manner. You see, we believe in American exceptionalism and we believe when it comes to trade agreements, the interests of American workers should hold a higher priority than the profits of giant corporations and big banks. Gone are the days when American workers could begin employment at a company when they were starting a family and retire with the same company to spend more time with their grandchildren.
Donald Trump stood with us on ObamaTrade, while at the same time you put Constitutional principles on the shelf and bowed down to Wall Street and the donor class by advocating very strongly for ObamaTrade. You even said Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) 80%
 was wrong on ObamaTrade before you finally decided to oppose it near the end. Mr. Trump has also attracted independents as well as Democrats with his policy on the trade imbalance.
You would find among Trump supporters people that cherish the U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights. We have watched as candidates  pledge to uphold the Constitution on the campaign trail and once elected they forget about their pledge in order to institute policy supported by their donors.  We know until the corrupt D.C. system is upended, the Constitution will continue to be ignored.
We believe fundamental change is needed to the corrupt system in Washington D.C. We realize the entrenched interests and donor class will fight the change with all their might and we have chosen Mr. Trump as our champion. With all due respect Senator Cruz, we don’t trust you to institute the drastic changes needed because you are part of the system. Mr. Trump is, for the most part, self- funding his campaign and won’t be indebted to donors that gave millions of dollars to Super PACS.
You will find among Trump supporters seven Tea Party Patriots State Coordinators and many, many local tea party activists personally supporting Mr. Trump.
You will find a very diverse groups of voters supporting Donald Trump, because his “tell it like it is” style is a refreshing change from the slick, polished politicians that dominate the American political class. We are tired of the American political class that run deceptive campaigns and say whatever they have to in order to gain votes.
Many of us are long time conservative activists like Sen. Jeff Sessions, but among us you will find political neophytes that have been awakened into activism by the Donald Trump movement.  You find evangelical Christians and preacher’s kids like me and also those that are not religious.
We know what we are getting with Donald Trump but feel he is the best vehicle to bring about the dramatic change that is needed in our beloved America.
You owe us all a big apology.

Debbie Dooley, Tea Party Patriots Board of Directors