Monday, March 28, 2016

#CRUZ SEXSCANDAL If the Screw Not True Sue National Enquirer

cruz national enquirer
My first reaction was to close down computer and rush out to buy National Enquirer so I could read the whole story. Shot that idea down would have to get dressed and drive around to locate a copy.
Second was to troll the internet for a couple of days to see where the story would goes.
Ted Cruz denied story accused Trump of being the culprit that planted the story.
Question would NE risk being sued just to plant a story for Trump? I doubt it.
Instead of just a denial and taking the opportunity to blame Trump, why didn’t Cruz immediately deny and file a slander lawsuit against the National Enquirer?
Could the failure of Cruz to sue the National Enquirer be that the alleged screw partners would be called to give a deposition?
National Enquirer denies no one other than reporters and editors decide stories to print.
As of now several media outlets have said the story was offered to them with video as early as February 2016. by be
Over the weekend, several sources, chief among them columnist Kirsten Powers, reported that the story of Sen. Ted Cruz‘s alleged sex scandal had been “shopped around” to numerous outlets by someone who was both anti-Cruz and anti-Trump as opposed to Cruz’s speculation that it originated from the Donald Trump campaign.
Powers, who’s also a Fox News contributor, confirmed this in a Fox News appearance over the weekend.

“The Daily Beast reported that it was shopped around by two — reporters by somebody who was a pro-Rubio person,” she said.