Friday, February 19, 2016

Winner Takes Most in South Carolina Primary

Waiting with bated breath for Trump to take

Palmetto State Republican voters go to the polls tomorrow in the long-awaited South Carolina primary, Trump appears poised to capture first place in this most important of the four February contests. 

Finishing first here means the awarding of 29 at-large delegate votes and likely considerably more South Carolina employs a Winner-Take-All by congressional district system, meaning placing first in each of the state’s seven CDs awards such candidate three delegates for every district won. 

Therefore, it is almost a certainty that winning the statewide count means several congressional districts will also be won.  Thus, the total delegate take, presumably for Trump, will most likely be in the 38 to 41 range from a grand total of 50 South Carolina Republican delegates.
Many media stories are covering what promises to be a close vote for second place, but that means very little in terms of advancing toward the nomination.  If the Trump estimate is correct, the remaining candidates will be fighting for only nine to twelve delegates. 
At the end of the evening, Trump will likely have in the neighborhood of 55-58 committed delegate votes, while his closest competitor, likely Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), will only be in the neighborhood of 23.  If all of the public polling is correct, Mr. Trump should have a big night in this “Winner Take Most” primary.  Source: 
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