Thursday, February 18, 2016

TYLER BOWYER Chair Maricopa County Republicans: Rules Were NOT Made For Him

Tyler Bowyer--Turning Point USA
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Only for all of other PC'S.

If a PC had moved out of their district and created a vacancy and not  been appointed in their new district, would they be allowed the PRIVILEGE OF NOT GETTING AROUND TO IT? Continuing their PC duties in their old district, I think not. His actions were irresponsible by leaving a precinct with a vacancy.
Tyler Bowyer’s statement made to the briefs is a moot point. The point is Tyler had from July until November to submit his request to be appointed a PC in the new district he moved into and removed as a PC from his old address HE FAILED TO DO SO.
He says he submitted his paperwork in fall, WELL the BOS met several times after he moved into his house in Mesa apparently they didn’t have the paperwork until it was submitted Feb. 3rd, 2016.
The point is he conducted a meeting in January 2016 to remove officers from Maricopa County Republican Committee from office without being a PC. The board of Supervisors had meetings from July 2015 until well into December 2015
Tyler Bowyer DID NOT submit paper work to be appointed until February 3, 2016
He was appointed at the February 17, 2016 Meeting
Prec #  Precinct Name   First Name  Middle  Last Name Jr./Sr. Lgg    Sup  Con
200        DUKE                  TYLER         STORM    BOWYER              25     2     9

“Whether I became a PC when I moved into my home in a different district is a non-issue because I was a PC when I was elected - although there are those who are trying to make an issue of it,” Maricopa County Republican Chairman Tyler Bowyer told the Briefs on Wednesday. Bowyer and his family moved from their Chandler home - after it was sold in July 2015 - into LD25 later last summer. Contrary to reports that have circulated for several weeks, Bowyer says he checked to make sure there was a PC opening in the LD25 Duke precinct prior to purchasing and moving his family into the bungalow in Mesa. Bowyer said their prior home sold much quicker than they expected it to. In the process of getting the family settled into their new home, he didn’t get around to filling out his new PC application and changing his registration until in the fall, he explained. “It was, and is, a non-issue because I was a PC when I was elected to office,” he emphasized. During the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (BOS) last meeting, he was appointed a LD25 PC. The BOS couldn’t not appoint PCs from the cutoff date in November or December until after the January 2016 county/state mandatory meetings.