Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ted Cruz Using Hi-Tech Dirty Tricksters Video and Transcript

Good evening. I’m Still reporting on politics.

Last night, serious allegations of vote fraud were leveled against the Ted Cruz camp by Dr. Ben Carson.
Just before the voting began, Dr. Carson was receiving excited calls from his workers reporting a large turnout for him at caucus sites:
“I got calls from several people who told me their internal intelligence said that I was going to do extraordinarily well.” 
It all started out 33 seconds before 7pm, which was the official time for the start of the Iowa Caucuses. 
The Ted Cruz 2016 official Twitter site sent out this tweet seconds before the top of the hour:
“CNN is reporting that Ben Carson will stop campaigning after Iowa. Make sure to tell all of your peers at the Caucus supporting Carson that they should coalesce around the true conservative who will be in the race for the long haul: Ted Cruz!”
Perfect timing! The Cruz speakers at caucuses across Iowa got up and repeated the news to the assembled crowds and urged Ben Carson voters to switch immediately. How many is not known, but at the very least, several sites.
This was quickly followed by an official Ted Cruz 2016 press release on official stationary: 
“Breaking news. The press is reporting that Dr. Ben Carson is taking time off from the campaign trail after Iowa and making a big announcement next week. Please inform any Carson caucus goers of this news and urge them to caucus for Ted Cruz.”
By 7:07 pm, a mysterious former CIA operative supporting Cruz by the name of Dan Gabriel chimed in on his twitter account:

“Source inside Ben Carson’s New Hampshire campaign just confirmed to me: Ben Carson is out. Choose Cruz.”
Gabriel’s Twitter account “@danpgabriel” boasts that Gabriel is:
It also boasts that Gabriel specializes in:
“insurgencies, foreign and domestic.”
According to one veteran intelligence source, this sets off massive alarm bells for anyone who has worked in the intelligence community. By claiming to have worked in domestic insurgencies, Gabriel is admitting to something that may be criminal, but at least flies in the face of the spirit of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and the Insurrection Act of 1807 and subsequent amendments that prohibit military personnel from being used to meddle in domestic policies within the United States. 
According to the source, although CIA personnel may be exempt from these laws, such activities are at least frowned on by the intelligence community for obvious reasons – namely destroying the Social Compact – that government is your protector, not your enemy.
By the time you watch this report, Mr. Gabriel’s site may have been scrubbed.
Another odd thing about Gabriel’s twitter page is the banner photo features a bullet hole in the left temple of Saddam Hussein. What is the message here?
Also, Gabriel claims be following 58,700 people. How is that possible for one human being?
Late-breaking news on this Gabriel guy. According to a user, Gabriel is the founder of Applied Memetics, LLC. He is an ex-CIA counter-terrorism officer who has ties to – wait for it – George Soros. 
One of Gabriel’s jobs is apparently to sow division between Carson and Trump. One Gabriel tweet stated:
“DIRTY TRICKS! #Trump campaign started #Carson rumor?? Odd,” tweeted Gabriel.
Gabriel tried to delete his tweets, but the Twitter user who captured Gabriel’s tweets, is “BigFry Social Media@BigFryMedia. 
BigFry posted the Internet archive of Gabriel’s tweet for permanent proof of the deception operation just after midnight early this morning, Feb. 2.
[insert archive]
Then when he got up this morning, he exposed Gabriel to the world at 09:34 am:
“Attention Trump Supporters Cruz adviser @danpgabriel been caught in a dirty trick lying about Carson then blaming Trump. Block him & RT!”
As you can see, I’m running 10 hours behind the real-time events, but that’s still days ahead of the MSM.
Note to you Twitter experts out there. Send this stuff to me. I’ll put it up.

So, it looks like Ted Cruz is employing top Social Media agent provocateurs to work a Nixon-esque dirty tricks campaign. 
If you remember, about a week ago, I dubbed Cruz, Clinton 3.0.
At least one other campaign immediately smelled a rat as well.

Ryan Rhodes, Carson’s Iowa state director, showed reporters a text on his phone from Barbara Heki, a Mike Huckabee supporter:
“The Cruz speakers at our caucus announced Carson was suspending his campaign for a while after caucus. They did this before the vote. Same thing happened at another caucus. Sounds like slimy Cruzing to me.”