Monday, February 15, 2016

Stop Obama's Supreme Court Nominee by Bruce Ash

Block attempt to pack SCOTUS
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Fellow Arizonans and GOP Leader

Just like you the announcement of Justice Scalia’s passing has created a profound sense of loss not just for us as Republican leaders but for all Americans. Antonin Scalia understood that perhaps one of the most important concepts of our constitution is the checks and balances system . On this constitution rests this fragile balance which has helped give strength to our republic.

I learned of Scalia’s passing while co hosting a radio call in show in Tucson a couple of hours ago. I want to report that as soon as we signed off I was in immediate contact with some of my colleagues of the RNC and I was asked to place a call to Chairman Priebus to insist that we pass a resolution in support of blocking any attempt by President Obama to pack the US Supreme Court with a liberal nominee at this time .

Mr. Priebus took my call and I made the case to act in special session and pass a RNC resolution in support of holding off confirmation of a new justice to replace Mr. Scalia until after the new president takes office next year. While on the call Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell echoed my request and issued his own statement in support to hold off confirmation at this time. I will sponsor a resolution to resist the president on any nomination while he is in office and will press for expedited approval by the body of the RNC.

The GOP grass roots across America, like Justice Scalia , believes in the checks and balances system under our constitution and we must oppose any effort by Barack Obama to pack the court in 2016.

Over the next several days there will be many tributes for Justice Scalia. His great intellectual prowess and leadership on SCOTUS will be felt for many decades in the future. Our nation has lost a great supporter of The US Constitution. As we face the upcoming presidential election an important thing for all of us to keep in mind is  that our next president must be a conservative Republican who will select originalists to all of our federal courts to will carry on the work of Justice Scalia and keep the fragile balance he sought to protect in his lifetime.

Best regards.

Bruce Ash
National Committeeman