Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pope Raises Ire of An Arizona Catholic

In all fairness and I am a Catholic, Pope needs to stay out of American Politics…we are the most generous country. 
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All the Republican Candidates for President share Trump’s Views on the border and illegal immigration, so his Holiness needs to stop insulting  Americans…we are a country of laws, not corruption like the Vatican!

Vatican is the biggest target for ISSIS, I’d be more concerned about that, instead of saying Donald Trump is Not a Christian… Pope is way out of line…. 

 Trump is a Christian, a good family man and is standing up for America and that includes many Catholics who are offended by the Pope’s Remarks.

 The Vatican is not supporting these Illegals and criminals financially, from entering America and putting us in danger… We are overwhelmed with them!

Vatican gets generous donations from American Catholics but NOT for this kind of talk!  

They need to still clean out their disgusting mess of lawsuits for sexual abuse instead of meddling in our politics!  

Mexico enjoys being a corrupt country full of crime and the pope needs to attack their corrupt leadership for allowing such poverty!

 We have had enough with Sanctuary Cities and do not need an open border! 

 We lock our doors at home to stay safe and our borders need to be secured.