Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Maricopa County Republican Chairman Tyler Bowyer Wants to Disenfranchise PC'S

Tyler Bowyer has the unmitigated gall to chastise a person for supporting a democrat in non-partisan City Council Race. 
Who by the way is supporting and volunteers for THE ONLY REPUBLICAN IN THE RACE.
Tyler Bowyer who is not a PC and hasn't been since he moved out of his old district last July and is a trainer for TurningPoint USA (http://tinyurl.com/zkrcqzc). This organization claims to be non-partisan, but wait, isn’t the Maricopa County Chairman a Republican? Tyler needs to clean up his house before he starts on someone else's.

Via MCRC Briefs 2/15/16
Reports Are Circulating that LD18 PC and Tempe City Councilwoman Onnie Shekerjian and LD18 PC and former MCRC First Vice Chair Jeni White have violated MCRC Bylaws Article VI Section 5(B) Page 18 by publicly endorsing Democrat Tempe Fireman/City Council Incumbent Joel Navarro for the upcoming Tempe City Council Election. The MCRC Bylaws reads: B.  Endorsements of Non-Republican Candidates. No member of the MCRC shall lend an endorsement to a non-Republican candidate in any election.  Should a MCRC member endorse a non-Republican, that MCRC member will lose his voting privileges, including proxies, for the rest of his term.http://www.trugop.org/Bylaws/Maricopa/MCRC_2012_Bylaws.pdf Speculation has it that the issue will be taken up during the March 2 Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Guidance Committee (MCRC EGC) meeting. Shekerjian and her husband were approved as PCs by the Board of Supervisors on Nov 18, 2015. White was removed as the MCRC EGC 1st Vice Chair by the county precinct committeemen at the Jan 16, 2016 MCRC Mandatory meeting.