Saturday, February 20, 2016

Heidi Cruz Sat On The Board Of A Houston Group That Backed LGBT Rights Measure

Sen. Ted Cruz continues to woo anti-gay extremists, this time appearing on a conference call for conservative activists organized by E.W. Jackson, the former GOP nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia.
COLUMBIA, S.C. — A group that Heidi Cruz sat on the board of voted in 2014 to support a LGBT rights ordinance in Texas of which other Cruz family members had been implicitly critical.

Last year, the HERO anti-discrimination ordinance in Houston failed at the polls after public discussion of the bill devolved into controversy over transgender individuals’ use of public restrooms.

The Greater Houston Partnership, a Chamber of Commerce-esque business association in Houston, voted unanimously in support of the measure when the mayor proposed it in 2014, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The group reiterated its support for the ordinance in a press release after the Texas Supreme Court forced the issue onto the ballot, and a page still on its website lists FAQs about the group’s endorsement of the measure.

Heidi Cruz’s ties to a group that wholeheartedly endorsed a gay rights measure is thrown into relief this week after Cruz surrogates attacked Marco Rubio staffers for supporting marriage equality — despite the fact that Cruz’s campaign lawyer and two strategists signed a pro-gay marriage Supreme Court amicus brief. Even among the most conservative Republicans, LGBT issues are often not as clear cut as they seem.
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