Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hair on Fire News Talk Radio/Pima County Sheriff Scandal by Bruce Ash

News of an FBI investigation of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department is rife with the putrid smell of scandal. 
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I am old enough to remember the last big scandal which engulfed the PCSO during Sheriff Waldon V. Burr’s administration in the late 60’s and early 70’s. He resigned to avoid prosecution .
The problems at the sheriff’s office started a while ago. If you weren’t paying any attention… during the last days of the Dupnik administration high ranking members of his command staff were allowed to operate a cafe on county property using government funds.
When Dupnik retired in mid term (something voters should have understood he’d do when they re elected him in 2012) he appointed his hand picked successor Chris Nanos to succeed him.
Understanding the impropriety of an operation which may have illegally been using official funds and approved without proper bidding Sheriff Nanos could have and should have halted the operation. He didn’t. He could have rode into the next election as a reformer. He won’t.
What is worse when the FBI announced they were investigating his department Nanos lashed out against the FBI for doing so in a 19 minute televised tirade. The smart thing to do would have been keep quiet and cooperate with the investigators. His reaction leads some to believe that maybe there are more problems in the sheriff’s office yet to be revealed.

The PCSO has hundreds of honest and brave officers and personnel who serve our county. It’s time for Sheriff Nanos to fess up and fix what’s gone wrong within the command staff at The Pima County Sheriff’s office.