Sunday, February 28, 2016

Flood Mitch McConnell's Office Let HIM KNOW If Tries to Sabotage Trump His Days are Numbered

Come on Trump supporters - make this viral - 
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Please take the time to flood McConnell's office with our disgust ... with his statement             
McConnell claims GOP lawmakers will sacrifice White House, drop Trump ‘like a hot rock’ if he’s nominee        
 "If Donald Trump is the Republican nominee and you do not support him, then your days as the majority leader of the US Senate are short. 

To be frank, if you attempt in anyway to torpedo a Trump election for President, should he be the nominee, I and many other like minded Republicans, Independents, and Democrats will see to it that no Republican Senator up for re-election wins. That means your tenure as majority leader is over. 

So think long and hard about flipping off the American people yet again, Senator McConnell. Unless or until my party begins to listen to the rank file of the party, myself included, not one thin dime from me goes to the RNC. l will not hesitate to send an empty pre-paid envelope back to the RNC or congressional fund raisers, all of them sir.
With all due respect,"

Report: Mitch McConnell Plotting Senate Stab in Trump’s Back Right Before Election