Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Eminent Domain Used to Build Bush Library at SMU

SMU used eminent domain to acquire the 347 unit University Gardens condominium complex to build Bush library.
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Did SMU misuse eminent domain for Bush to build Bush Library?Eminent domain: a right of a government to take private property for public use by virtue of the superior dominion of the sovereign power over all lands within its jurisdiction. The state took the homes by eminent domain to build the new road. 
SMU is not the government and the library isn’t free for public use, in fact they charge hefty admission fees
The outrage among Republicans over the use of eminent domain and other coercive measures to obtain private property for public projects, doesn’t seem it applies to the Bushes. It was also used to acquire 13 acres for Texas Ranger stadium which George W. had an interest in.
SMU was considered the favorite to receive the library, principally because of its ties to the Bushes and their advisers. Laura Bush received her undergraduate degree in elementary education from the school in 1968 and since 2000 has been a member of its board of trustees. Vice President Cheney was in 1996 the "diplomat in residence" at SMU's John Taylor Center for political studies, and also served as a trustee. Bush adviser Karen Hughes, and White House counsel Harriet Miers - who is also advising the library selection committee - possess SMU degrees.

Could there have been some high powered influence within SMU to make sure the former President got the location he wanted for the Bush Presidential Library and Muesum?

SMU ended in Lawsuit Over Eminent Domain with the homeowners the homeowners lost the lawsuit and Bush library stands today where once there were 347 homes.